Four Reasons To Go On Vacations

If you are a parent and looking forward to taking some time off, staycation is one of your options. Staycation can be a fun way to give yourself some time off without having to go too far from the comforts of the hotel or house you are staying in. Many people have opted for a staycation due to financial constraint or responsibilities. The trend began in the U.S. between 2007 and 2010, when the economy took a significant downturn and people tightened their wallet.

The concept of a staycation is easy. Rather than travelling overseas, you take a holiday in your own city. Staycations are especially popular with millennials. Media company, Skift conducted a global study in 2017 and found that 43% of the staycations were trips made by millennial families, especially by those who want to reduce their environmental footprint or save for a longer trip in the future.

4 Great Reasons To Go On Staycation

1) Great Getaway For Whole Family

Holidays abroad can generally be expensive if you are not careful, especially if you are intending on bringing your extended family too. Staycations are definitely more affordable. Whether it is the cost or the length of travel, staycations have more advantages for families who wish to travel together.

2) Getting To Know Your Own Country

A staycation is a great way to learn about your own country. If there is a place in your own

country that you have always wanted to visit, why not tick it off your bucket list and spend a

holiday there?

3) Less Stress

Organising a holiday abroad can be stressful. With a staycation, you have less worry about flight delays or switching time zones. You can take your time and plan your itinerary, without disrupting your family’s daily schedule. This gives you the break that you truly appreciate.

4) Flexible

A staycation will give you the flexibility to decide where and when you want to visit. You do not need to worry about missing your work schedule or your kids’ school activities. So, it is definitely worth it.

Staycations are an affordable option to a weekend getaway. It allows you to take a break away from the usual environment and lifestyle. It is also the cheaper alternative to overseas travels for groups of friends. Staycations allow you and your friends to have quality and meaningful holidays, with your children tagging along.

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