2 Days 1 Night Trip At Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort

When you are at your end of second or reaching third trimester, choosing an ideal place for a short getaway can be a challenge. I still remember at the 6th month of my pregnancy, I was having Braxton Hicks Contractions. I went to see my gynae and told him about the scenario. He told me, ‘Your baby wants to come out soon.’ I was rolling my eyes onto him indicating that, ‘It’s impossible! I’m just on my 6th month.’

According to my doctor, some ladies will be facing Braxton Hicks Contractions as early as 6th month of pregnancy. He asked me to keep myself calm and relax my mind. He suggested me to go for a short getaway and he gave me some medicines to relax the muscles. So, where was the ideal place for me to go for a short getaway?

Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort can be an ideal place. It was just an hour drive from my house. This resort is a beachfront and a water getaway. The price of the room was about RM400-RM600 in range for superior room.

By having just the 2 of us (me and my hubby), we have chosen to pamper ourselves for a night stay at the Superior Room. Our room was situated at the upper floor and the room was spacious. We were given a king size bed, a working desk and what attracted me was a small balcony with sea view.

I managed to capture some beautiful sunrise throughout my stay the next morning.

I walked from my room to the breakfast cafeteria which was not very far from where I stayed. Reason being was, I would like to explore at its surroundings and captured some beautiful photos. If you love photographing, you would prefer to have a slow pace of enjoying moment and what you captured in the end was a beautiful set of photos with memories.

They have a beautiful swimming pool. If you are a swimmer, you won’t get reluctant to dip your body into the pool and enjoy your holiday throughout the day.

That’s what worth taking when I decided to walked through the resort with my husband prior to my 6th month pregnancy.

This little wooden hut will be your kids’ favourite from the age of 2-8 years old. There was all the fun to them.

Avanikids club house is nestled in the wooden hut. The best part was, it is free of charge.

Avanikids is equipped with a little cozy corner and allowed your kids to have some arts activities. Playroom will be fun to them and you wouldn’t want to let your kids to miss the fun in the playroom. They have TV programme for the kids and toys for them. Their club house activities are scheduled. If you would like to ensure your kids to fully enjoy the benefits of their programme, I would advise you to drop at the club kids a day before you bring them over. This will help you to have a better planning of your next day programme for the family.

If you are a beach lover, do not worry about that. You are always welcome to have your bikini wear and stroll along the beach. In this modern era, our kids were hardly given a chance to step on the sand and build sand castle and at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort, you can have it all. Just enjoy your leisure without any time limitation.

Some love cycling and bicycles are provided. You can cycle with your loved one throughout the resort. They even provided bicycles for kids. So, you just need to ensure they know how to cycle with 2 wheels.

2 days 1 night stay at this beautiful resort was a wonderful memory to me. I hope my sharing will benefit everyone who would love to go for a short vacation and to have an enjoyable moment with your family.

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Carron Lee is a mother of two. She loves travelling and photographing with her family despite her busy work schedule. She is a lady who loves to balance her life on career and family. She loves to plan family vacation periodically as she believes, children deserve holidays especially during the school break. Our young little one not just has to be coached educationally but, a way to distress themselves as well.