Exercises For Busy Mom

Mommies, why are you not exercising?

How often people are telling you, 'no time' & 'no chance' are just your excuses for not exercising? Yes you can tell me, uncountable times. I know because I have seen so many postings on social medias about how people deemed 'no time' & 'no chance' are just excuses and we are easily labelled as lazy.

Oh yes, these might be excuses but definitely not for moms (well, we mothers have NO TIME FOR EXCUSES) whether you are a SAHM (stay at home mom) or a FTWM (full time working mom). Now you read me; I have a 10 months old baby & a 3 years old toddler, and I am a WAHM (work at home mom), kind of a combination of SAHM and FTWM. Therefore no one will understand you better as a mom who can't find time n chance to exercise except me. Come on, we are struggling to have a peaceful meal, a toilet break or a hot shower; exercise? What exercise?!

However, hope is not lost, determination is the key. I am going to share with you, how you can squeeze in strength training a bit here and there. I said 'squeezed in' because mothers with young kids have no such luxury as in a 1-2hours uninterrupted workout session; is ok, we put that aside as we are blessed with lovely kids (now I hope that make you feel better ).

Here you go:-

  1. Stretching while playing with your baby. When you are sitting on the playmat with your baby/toddler, sit in a position that can actually stretch your muscles effectively. I will do a double adductors stretch when I play with my 10 months old, or lying down with him while I perform a supine hamstring/glutes stretch. There are many other stretches that you can do.

  1. Incorporate strength training in your play time with them. Squats while carrying your baby, lunges while back carry your toddler, push ups and kiss your baby and so on. Believe me, crawling on your knees around while playing with them can be a good exercise too.

  1. Allocate some precious quiet moments You might be thinking, am I crazy, quiet moments? Like when? Yes, you read it right, quiet moments. The time when your kids are asleep (well there are times that we fall asleep together with them, not a bad thing though, at least we get to rest ). When kids are asleep, spread out your exercise mat, reach out to a fitball, a yoga wheel, a foam roller etc, and get moving. I suggest these instead of a high intensity exercises because, your baby might be awoke and you are needed again. You don't want to cuddle or lying down on your bed while you are perspiring profusely. Therefore, these gentle exercises/stretches will make you feel good, while you are still ever ready when you are wanted.

Now do you see slight possibility that you can actually start staying fit again? You just have to remember, something is always better than nothing. Try it out today and you will be amazed, how much you can do; it's time for us to feel good about ourselves again ️

Amie Kwa, graduated from University Technology Malaysia with a Degree in Management (Accounting) is a mother of 2 boys and currently running Nutrivive, selling healthy food & beverages while sharing fitness and nutrition tips. This former Miss Malaysia Fitness 2004 (1st Runner Up) & Fitnesswomen Asia Pacific 2004 (4th runner up) found her passion in fitness right after graduation till now; having 13 years of experience in this field. As an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist (American Council on Exercise), she has been a fitness instructor, personal trainer, centre manager, Lesmills Certified Body Jam instructor, dance choreographer, Master Educator, before she quit to take care of her two boys.

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