Pros And Cons Of Pacifier Usage

Do you allow your baby to use pacifier? My mum is a baby sitter and she loves giving pacifier to the babies. When I asked her why, she told me babies who used pacifier are easier to take care. So, what do you think?

Pacifier usage really depends on the parents. The decision to use or not to use is your own choice. When I first delivered my daughter, I was persistent not to give her any pacifier because I wanted to breastfeed her. I read pacifier may cause the baby to have nipple confusion. In fact, I refused to bottle feed her. However, things have changed when I started to feel tired and realized she has actually treated my nipples as a pacifier. She would suck for a short moment before going to sleep. She looked for me not because of hunger but as a habit of sucking when she wanted to fall asleep.

Here are the pros and cons using pacifier for a new born baby.


  1. The first pro in my list will be pacifier can help my baby to fall asleep easily. You will know where to look for one, when your baby is fussy during the night time. It soothes the fussy baby. Once the baby has fallen asleep and the pacifier dropped out from his/her mouth, do not put it back as it will help the baby to quit the habit later on.

  2. It helps in offering temporary distraction. When you bring your baby for vaccination and when he/she cried, pacifier may calm the baby down.

  3. Baby without pacifier will suck his/her thumb. Baby’s thumb would get swollen and by using pacifier it prevents the baby from sucking their own thumbs.

  4. Based on some literature search, it claimed by using pacifier it will help in decreasing risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Experts believe that babies who suck on a pacifier might not sleep as deeply and would wake more easily than babies who don't. It might help open up air space around a baby's mouth and nose, which ensures he/she gets enough oxygen. American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends that pacifiers to be used for babies under age 1 at naptime and bedtime (preferably wait until baby is at least 1 month old, however, when baby will have gotten the hang of breastfeeding).


  1. Nipples confusing. Pacifier may cause nipple confusion to the baby especially before the baby get used with nursing. This will interfere the successful of breastfeeding. Sucking on a pacifier and sucking on a breast are two different actions. It is advisable to wait until your baby is breastfeeding well and your milk supply is established.

  2. Dental problems. Eventhough, my mum used pacifiers for most of the babies but she will help the babies to quit it once they start teething. Pacifiers may cause the child’s teeth to be misaligned.

  3. Baby might get dependent on the pacifier. This is absolutely true when I always see my mum was having a hard time when she was helping the child to quit the pacifier; especially during napping and night time. So, parents have to be mentally prepared for the frustration of your child, for at least a week.

  4. Increase the risk of middle ear infections. This risk are generally lowest from birth to age of 6 months

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