How Does Baiting Work On Ants And Termites?

When there is food, there is an ant. Presence of ants infestation at the kitchen is very common to a mother who always cook for her family. How do you manage the ants? You may listen to the suggestion of ants baiting system and how does it work?

Baiting system does not only apply to ants but, it is also effective for termites. The baiting system is a simple yet effective method to control ants and termites. It works through the common exchange of food between social insects such as ants and termites. The behaviour, also known as trophallaxis is what makes the baiting method successful.

Trophallaxis refers to the transfer of food or fluid among social insects from mouth to mouth or from mouth to anus. The foraging workers of the ant cannot digest solid food. So they carry food particles that they find on the floor (food debris, sugar and more) back to their nest. They will feed the foraged food to their larvae. It will be digested and regurgitated (now a liquid form) by the larvae. This will be shared among the ants in a colony.

When you look at termite trails, you can clearly see the workers and soldiers. Soldiers protect their nest when they sense trouble or disturbances while workers are responsible for foraging food for the colony. Just like ants, termite workers will bring back food to be digested by the nymphs so they can all eat.

Carron Lee is an Entomologist who is specialising on insects management. She has been contributing to the pest management industry for 15 years and her passion in sharing her knowledge to the public. Besides than her career, she enjoys travelling with her family and she will be contributing travelling articles for Parent's Dojo. As a mother of two, she is trying her very best to balance her career and family life.

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