How To Use Ant Baits Effectively

If your ant problems persist after attempts to eradicate them using natural ways, you may want to try with non-toxic commercial repellents. The mistake most people make when attempting to control ants is by only targeting the ones they see. This approach usually fails because the ants seen foraging over exposed surfaces is only a small portion of the colony. Typically, there will be thousands of ants including one or more egg-laying queen hidden somewhere in a nest. Eliminating queens and other colony members within nests is often the key to effective ant control. An effective control method is the use of high-quality ant baits. Ants feed on the bait and take pieces back to the queen, killing the whole colony. Here are some baiting tips.

#1 Place bait in areas of ant activity or trails so they can find the bait and take it back to the colony.

#2 Do not use a residual repellent insecticide near bait placements.

#3 Use both sweet-based bait and a greasy/protein-based bait combination in order to make sure the bait covers the entire range of dietary needs.

You can save a lot of money by doing the control yourself in homes as there are many solutions which are safer and non-toxic readily available in Malaysia.

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Gan Wilson is a former senior management executive having held the position of Operations Director Malaysia/China and Regional Service Academy Director for Rentokil Initial in Asia. A total of 23 years of corporate experience with the last 10 years as General Manager/ Operations Director / Regional Director managing total business operations at country and regional level.

He now operates his own consultancy firm with clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Myanmar. Together with his wife Mindy Wong he co-founded the largest online pest control DIY store in Malaysia, with presence in all major market places, Lazada, 11Street, Gemfive, Logon and Youbeli.

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