Snack Ideas For Kids

Going out for a day trip with the young ones? Preparing and packing some snacks can be very helpful in keeping your kids happy. Here are some snack ideas for you.

  • Kids are expected to run around and excited during an outing. Eventually, when they get tired, you can opt for milk or dairy-based foods as these fill them up easily. Examples of this are pre-packed (tetra packed) milk or the milk formula that the toddler consumes.

  • Finger foods that are high in protein like meat balls, fish fingers, nuggets, cheese sticks and hard boiled egg are easy to prepare (pan-fried, not deep fried) and healthy.

  • You will be surprised that kids enjoy juicy fruits when they get thirsty. You can opt for melons for this, and cut out shapes using molds for some fun. You can also pack other fruits such as cucumber and cherry tomatoes as garnish for the melons.

  • Homemade fruit jellies are another easy and healthful option. You can get the packet jelly powder from the hypermarket and make fruit jelly for the kids in under 30 minutes. You can also add freshly cut fruit cubes into the jelly.

  • Make your own popsicles. It’s as easy as blending the fruits and freezing them in molds.

  • Another interesting option is sushi. Instead of rice, bread can be used as the outer layer. The filling can range from vegetarian to non-vegetarian options. Some great choices are boiled eggs, tuna and cucumber. Try to involve the kids in the food preparation, that will make them more interested in the food.

This is an easy recipe to try out with your kids.

Tuna Sushi Sandwich

Serves 1


1 slice wholemeal bread

1 piece cheddar cheese

2tbsp tuna in water (pour the water away)

¼ cup sliced carrots

¼ cup sliced cucumbers


1. Place bread on cutting board. Trim the sides and flatten the bread using a rolling pin.

2. Place a slide of cheddar cheese onto the bread and spread the tuna evenly.

3. Top with carrot and cucumber slices.

4. Roll up. Cut into 3 sections.

Nutritional Values

Energy 146kcal

Carbohydrate 16g

Protein 11g

Fats 4g

Written by:

Ms. Celeste Lau is a Dietetics Manager, Sunway Medical Centre. Celeste received her credential in Master in Dietetics from Australia. She is a member of Malaysian Dietitians’ Association, member of Nutrition Society of Malaysia, member of PENSMA. She is one of the committee members in MNT Guidelines for Cancer in Adults, Malaysia. She conducts talks, workshops and writing journals to some health magazines. Her special interest is in children health and critical care.

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