Parenthood - Journey of a Father

What is parenthood? Well, the definition of the suffix “hood” is - a condition or state of being the thing or being in the role denoted by the word it is suffixed to, usually a noun. So in this case parenthood is about being a parent. And what experience do I have about being a parent? For me my first experience about parenthood was when I was a child experiencing childhood.

I think a lot of a person’s experience in childhood shapes the way they are as a parent. As in so many things in life so much of what we do is based on our experience as a child. For example, I have never been able to speak Mandarin and hence my parenthood involves ensuring my children study in a Mandarin school.

With that said, I also draw many inspiration and examples from my childhood to help shape my children. This blog is written in anonymity to protect not myself but my children and my family. Not that I am a big celebrity or anything but I value their privacy and safety more than anything else. But I guess the many Sherlock’s out there would be able to deduce my identity anyway.

My Journey to parenthood started about 10 years ago when my wife told me she wasn’t feeling so well and she missed her period. Long story short, nine months later and my first child was born.

Having my first child is both exciting and scary. Everything is new, new experiences, new stuff and of course new parents. Because I didn’t have any prior experience, all I had was other people’s stories, what I read and what I saw on TV.

I can still remember the first day I saw my child as if it was only yesterday. It was one of the best days in my life. After a night in hospital the doctor gave both mummy and child the all clear to return home. Luckily for us, my mother-in-law was with us for the first month. The second month was when we really had our child all by ourselves. This was when I realised one thing, my child likes to sleep during the day and so keep us awake at night. I literally fell asleep on the job.

But during this time, I realised that there was a common theme. Hope. Hope that my child would have a better future than me and hope that one day I would be able to have a good night’s rest.

That’s it for now. Do join me again for my next post to see if I do get to have a good night’s rest and my continuing journey into parenthood.

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